Worth More Than Their Weight In Gold — 3 Times That This Can Actually Be True


When you visit a jewelry dealer with the plan to sell some of your gold, one constant that you'll encounter is the dealer weighing your items. Generally, the simplest way for the dealer to buy your gold is to determine how much it collectively weighs, evaluate the weight against the current market value for gold, and then make you an offer. Different jewelry dealers might offer slightly different amounts, but you'll generally find that most offers are similar because they're all based on how much gold is worth. You may encounter some times where your gold might be worth more than its weight. Here are some examples.

1. Gold Jewelry With Gemstones

If you're looking to sell gold jewelry — rings, necklaces, and bracelets, for example — a big factor in determining their value will be whether they hold any gemstones. A gold engagement ring with a diamond is worth considerably more than a gold wedding band of the same weight, simply because of the value of the gemstone. Regardless of the type of gold jewelry that you're selling, the presence of even small gemstones should result in it being worth more than its weight.

2. Large Pieces Of Gold

You'll often find that when you are trying to sell different types of gold, you can get more for large pieces of gold. For example, you might have a large pile of gold jewelry that adds up to half an ounce collectively. You might also have a gold bar or something else that is large and made of gold that weighs approximately half an ounce. You can expect your jewelry dealer to offer you more for the latter item because large pieces of gold are significantly rarer than standard pieces of gold jewelry.

3. Gold With Historical Significance

Another way that gold items can be worth more than their market value weight is if they're old and have some sort of historical significance. People can often encounter this scenario if they've had valuable pieces of gold in the family that once belonged to someone of some significance. For example, if a relative going back several generations was a notable political or military figure, he might have had gold cufflinks or a gold signet ring. It's important that you can provide details that confirm the original owner of such a piece, but if you're able to do so, you can expect to get more than the market suggests.

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4 December 2018

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