How To Increase Sales At Your Event


You have done all the background sales and marketing that you can do. There are clients who will pay in advance for the main event but there are those walk-in clients who will need to pay at the door. How can you maximize profit on the actual day of the event?

Choose a Popular Venue

Popular, well-known venues are likely to attract more customers.

Sell Auxiliary Products and Services

You will be gathering a sizable crowd, so it's a good idea to have other accessories to sell at the event to maximize your profits. These may include food, drinks, and extra entertainment.

Rent an ATM

An ATM rental will facilitate ticket sales to walk-in customers and to help fill empty seats.

If you're planning on having merchandise to sell, such as branded T-shirts, diaries, pens and other mementos, having cash within reach will help to boost sales. It will also provide convenience to your customers and will make your event appear customer friendly.

Having an ATM at your event venue can attract more customers who were simply looking for an ATM. Imagine having an ATM at a restaurant or club. You can advertise your event on the ATM screen. Remember that you will also earn commissions on ATM transactions. A company like Maritech ATM Solutions can give you more information.


Give out printed material and mementos that will keep the attendees remembering your event.

Create Platform for your Company.

You could take a few minutes at the end of the event to talk about your company or to run an ad or a documentary through the monitor. Clients can have a glance at this as they continue enjoying their drinks or hors d'oeuvres.

Media Publicity

Create media publicity before and after the event. You could generate a media kit for media houses that were unable to cover the event. This may contain videos, photos or transcripts of the event.


Take photos of clients and any famous people who may have attended the event and send it to your clients. This will create goodwill with your clients and may generate future sales.

Encourage Feedback

Find a way of getting feedback from the attendees. This will not only give you information to improve your services. It will also help you to grow your mailing list.

Selling an event does not just stop with tickets. It also does not end with the event. Some methods will produce instant sales while others will take time to convert. The idea is to take advantage of the event to increase current and future sales.


27 December 2017

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